some candy talkin'

country_of_origin: United Kingdom
Uploaded: 05-01-2011
Length: 123 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: Nothing comes between friends..except danger!

A film editor spots a face in a foreign crowd- a missing friend who left on the run after ripping everyone off. A reward to locate the friend– then kill him - results in a re-bonding, redemption and a change of destiny.

Synopsis: MARK edits film and whilst cutting a travelogue sees a friend from yesteryear in the back-ground. Spurned by curiosity Mark finds out his friend - GIBBY- is also being sought by his ex-employer - CRAWFORD -a local bookie/gangster, who is willing to pay Mark to find Gibby and return with the ‘password’ code Gibby had used to file dodgy bank accounts. As a bonus - Mark is offered £50,000 - if he returns with the password - and evidence of Gibby’s demise. The evidence is Gibby’s right index finger - which is missing it’s tip from an earlier incident between Gibby and KANE - a violent ‘wise-guy’ working for the gangster Crawford.
Early flashbacks record Mark and Gibby’s friendship - until Gibby has to leave in a hurry - removing most of Mark’s material valuables at the same time. Mark discusses the situation with his lover - CARLA - who advises he seek Gibby out –not for the money - but to satisfy a longing curiosity - and repair a broken bond.
Mark travels to the location - high in the hills of a foreign location. Local people fail to help Mark find Gibby - until MARJA, a local girl brings them together. Marja and Gibby are partners - parents of a cute wee girl, KANDI.
The last time Mark seen Gibby(recorded in f/back) – Kane had bitten the tip from Gibby’s finger and ate it. Gibby got drunk - used lots of drugs and while Mark was out at work - stole his computer, stereo, vcr. and bank cards. Now - Gibby is a different person - very Buddhist and anti- western in thought. He tells of meeting Marja in India - and travelling from there to this location by their converted bus - The Tomorrow Bus.
Gibby is ashamed of his earlier life and ‘ripping-off’ Mark. He sees a way of re-dress by ‘scamming’ Crawford - by finding a replica finger. This results in a sick comic episode – ending with Gibby drunk and angry - chopping-off his own finger.
Mark returns with the finger and the password - but Crawford attempts to subvert the ‘deal’ - Kane- threatening with a gun. Mark outsmarts Kane - and he and Carla sell-up and head to join Gibby and family on the bus and on to India. However - Mark and Carla are followed by Kane- who is after the return of the money and to do the job Mark failed to do - kill Gibby. Kane sexually assaults Carla - threatens Mark - but is overpowered, in a scene reminiscent of A Short Film About Killing - where Mark almost kills Kane from the rear seat of a car.
When Mark and Carla finally reach Gibby’s village - they are met with woe. A mountain slide has covered homes - killing some locals as well as Gibby and co. Locals give Mark a pot of Gibby’s ashes - knowing it was what Gibby would wish. Mark takes the ashes - with Carla - to Gibby’s shrine - a place Gibby used for meditating - a dangerous overhanging rock with a drop of sheer cliff below.
An earlier flashback of Gibby and Mark hill-walking in Skye attests to Mark’s fear of cliff edges. Mark finds the courage to walk to the cliff-edge and let Gibby’s ashes fly to the wind - only to be surprised by Gibby - rejoicing in the reverence accorded the ashes - which Gibby explains is the result of a going-away hash party by the locals. He tells how Marja knew they were coming - Marja being prone to psychic communication. She also mentioned someone dark and dangerous -which prompted the mountain slide ‘scam’ by the locals - who Gibby explains enjoy pulling strokes like that - and also used it as a an emergency exercise.
As they head off to India in The Tomorrow Bus - they pass Kane - unclothed and being hand-cuffed by the local police.

Plot keywords: candy

Notes: candy has been transposed and translated to suit the US market- locations changing from Uk and Europe to LA and Mexico.


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