country_of_origin: United Kingdom
Uploaded: 05-01-2011
Length: 118 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: Fact- or fiction?

A film-director battles against an elite security killing force to expose scientific interference in the food-chain- on his own terms- film!

Synopsis: The opening scene depicts an ‘accident’ which kills a female reporter who is about to expose a story relating to a chemical plant’s interference in the food chain. As titles roll- a montage shows her funeral- her husband/daughter mourning- and later- as they get on with life as time passes.
After the credits- we witness the dual reality that permeates the film. JACK- a director of
commercials is interrupted on a shoot- a call relating of an accident to his daughter- TRACY. Jack immediately heads to her side- driving to Inverness- leaving his a.d. in charge.
During Jacks’ drive north we see via flashbacks of Jack- his wife CATHY(dead reporter)- as a family/on holiday/at Xmas time/waving bye to Tracy as she heads off to college.

At Inverness Jack finds Tracy has left hospital - the police tell him that Tracy lives at a farm commune out of the town - which they view with disdain. At first very dubious of Tracy’s friends, Jack finds the commune a highly organised concern, underpinned by a strong artistic/political ideology and community commitment. The commune members tell of their worries about a local chemical plant. Tracy’s injury being the result of a demonstration against the chemical plant’s association with the local college. A college professor also voices his concerns.
As Jack, Tracy and HELEN(an aged hippie- owner of the farm) investigate a museum dedicated to the highland clearances - a group of the commune members break into the chemical plant and find evidence of the company interfering in the food chain. DAVID- one of the commune members and Tracy’s boyfriend- is injured during the break-in - and when Jack and co. return they find the chemical company and the police deny any knowledge of the break-in or David. Meanwhile- the local college professor is found dead in Loch Ness- reported as a fishing accident- yet all who knew him tell of his strict vegan philosophy and abhorrence of hunting/fishing!
When Jack and Helen are returning to the farm- they pass two small vans from the chemical company- and find the farm ablaze- with everyone killed. As they return to the local police- they find the van drivers there. Hiding- Jack and Helen overhear the van drivers tell the local police sergeant how they used an incendiary grenade to ‘fire’ the farmhouse. And now- they’ve got to find the ones who escaped.!
Jack and Helen- now running for their life- have to avoid police road-blocks as they head south- while avoiding the ‘killer’ vans. A confrontation on Rannoch Moor ends with the van driver and Helen dead- and Jack badly injured. However– as Jack attempts to expose the truth- he is ridiculed and the story gagged by the defence department. The only way Jack can expose the truth is via his medium- film.
We pull-back- the audience left to consider whether they viewed a thriller of the genre or a piece of cinema verit’e. A dedication in the credits alludes to the friends who died at the farm commune - reinforcing the duality - was it for real? Or just a movie?
Throughout the narrative there are references about myth and reality and manipulation.

Plot keywords: conspiracy

Notes: Although set- for my own benefit- in Scotland- the Magguffin is universal.


Just about the concept   reviewed by Peter O'Nius 06-08-2011

No wonder that a lot of fun it is to develop an idea like that, but for the audience it's just an unwanted game.


#1  comment by lisa380 08-03-2011

I really think the concept is brilliant.what do you think of my comment?send me an email at:ladyofhorror380@yahoo.com i have lots to show.....sooooooo many projects,manuscripts,etc.


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