No Witness

country_of_origin: United States Minor Outlying Islands
Uploaded: 29-05-2012
Length: 90 pages
Status: treatment



Logline: After helping a stranger with her luggage at an airport, a first-time traveler ends up in jail and overcomes 'death' many times.

Synopsis: 20- year- old Samantha Brun finds herself in trouble when she helps a woman carry her luggage at the airport where she is to travel outside her town for the first time. The bag she held contained some counterfeit currency which leads to her arrest. To get money for a lawyer, Harriet, her mum registers as a surrogate mother at an agency. Yet, Samantha substitutes the private lawyer with a state lawyer due to her dislike of him. Unfortunately, she’s convicted and sentenced five years in jail. Harriet, feeling distraught decides on aborting the baby and asks that Samantha’s sister, Joan leaves the town with her, as the baby’s father might come looking for her. Joan refuses to leave thus Harriet leaves alone after leaving her some money. A month after her departure, the father of Harriet’s baby storms the house demanding to see her. Joan denies knowing her whereabouts, which is true. After a thorough search of the house, the man leaves angrily. However, Joan had discovered the money her mum left and deposited it in a bank before that day. A week later, at night, the house is set ablaze but she manages to escape. Meanwhile, Joan’s father, Bill, who had separated from Harriet a few months ago learns of the burning of the house and mourns his family, thinking he had lost them. While in prison, Samantha experiences extreme harassment but is not ready to succumb to the wishes of a mother-figure, a stout, 50-year-old woman who employs a number of girls as prostitutes for the prison authorities in order to obtain security and other favours from them. Elsewhere, the woman who had given her bag to Samantha at the air port enjoys life until a strange man starts pestering her, asking her to report herself to the police so Samantha would be free. With the money at the bank, Joan finds herself new accommodation and purchases some shares in a thriving business somewhere in the state, her purpose was to gain more money and get her sister out of jail. One day, during a share holders meeting, she encounters the son of the business’s owner, a man she instantly likes and who later befriends her. After hearing of her sister’s plight, he offers to help by appealing her case at a higher court. Samantha is set free and reunited with Joan. Meanwhile, Joan had distanced herself from Harriet, blaming her for the fire that nearly killed her. However, she had not told Samantha about it until her release from jail. After some months, Harriet locates the girls at Samantha’s wedding with an old friend of hers. They make peace and find their father, thus reuniting the family. Elsewhere, the guilty woman ends up in jail after driving to the police station late one night to report herself. She’s harassed and injured then hospitalized. While there, the strange man visits her and wishes her a speedy recovery to return to jail.

Plot keywords: drama, family, psychological thriller

Notes: Attached is an excerpt.


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