Like There's No Tomorrow

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 05-02-2009
Length: 106 pages
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Logline: Every generation has its own definitive story. Like There’s No Tomorrow is the story of the insomniac yuppie generation of Budapest of the early 21st century, driven by greed and characterized by an immense longing for love and acceptance.

Synopsis: Meet BALINT, icon of his age, smart, hip, successful. And… he leads a double life. During the day, he’s golden boy at an up and coming advertising agency, sharp and witty, everyone’s favourite. At night, he roams the eerie clubland of Budapest, a fascinating landscape of decaying downtown basements with strange music and even stranger clientele. An insomniac, Balint is constantly driven by an urge to be where the action is.

Until one day the inevitable comes – he becomes 30. The night of his birthday changes everything. Rescuing teen prostitute REBECCA from his violent pimp, Balint suffers a heavy blow to his head and ends up in hospital. Here he learns that his insomnia and constant headache originates from a brain condition that can claim his life at any moment. Having been troubled by a nagging feeling that his life is going nowhere for a while, Balint decides it’s time he grew up.

He convinces his wee posse of international weirdoes, slacker but quick witted drug dealer OSHI, quiet, brooding DUTCH GUY prone to occasional bursts of violence and sad but bright junkie JEANETTE to join him and give up their meaningless nightlife. Following Balint’s persuasion they decide to try and lead a “good life” and start a legitimate business venture together.

The news of his aneurysm and a newfound will to live get him to change his ways in his day life as well. Balint tries to reconnect with his 4-year-old son ATTI and bitchy bimbo ex-wife ILDA from whom he has completely alienated. This process of re-building bridges is hindered by the fact that Rebecca keeps cropping up in his life in the most unfortunate of moments. The pathetic but cute teen seems to be completely enamoured with Balint.

Meanwhile, the courier company Balint has set up with his friends who are holding a steady job for the first time in their lives seem to be taking off. Balint also experiences what it is really to be a father as he seems to be breaking through to his son at long last. It’s only a deeply worrying feeling that nags him – can it be that he’s falling for 17-year-old hooker Rebecca?

When he finally yields to his emotions with the needy teen things begin to fall apart. Ilda finds out about the liaison and bans Balint from seeing Atti. Following the quick success, bickering and fights inside the new company increase. Oshi can’t seem to resist the temptation of returning to his dodgy ways, putting the new enterprise at enormous risk. Finally, a shocking truth is revealed of Rebecca, turning Balint’s life completely upside down.

A slick, swiftly moving, witty depiction of life in the fastlane in a society in transition in the middle of Europe, this story takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey of ambition, friendship, family and love.

Plot keywords: insomnia , child prostitution , drugs , party people

Notes: Developed through the Script&Pitch 2005 workshops and the ScripTeast 2006 programme. Participated in the 2006 edition of CineLink script development workshops and co-production market.


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