Romulusz and Rémusz: Spawns of the Wolf

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 12-10-2009
Length: 00 pages
Status: treatment



Logline: The crime bosses find out about their origins.

Synopsis: Two small kids are taken from their home to a safe place, because their father is a big crime figure and about to be killed - one of his men drives off with them out of there. The vehicle runs off the wet road in a curve and a prostitute working in the rain finds the kids.

The bosses of city, Romulusz and Rémusz, who split the legal and illegal business between them – one owns a hotel, a poker club, the other trades drugs: supplies the surrounding cities – gets to know about the demise of an old prostitute. Their man at the police shows the photo of them before they got into the institution he got from her, signed in kids writing: Romuli and Rémi. They assign their man to find out what happened to them before, how they got to the dead woman. She told it to one of her girlfriends, where she found the kids.

Rémusz is attacked in an underground parking lot and stabbed with a knife. He’s breathing hard, his limbs getting numb. He’s taken into hospital – organized by Romulusz. He’s been operated, getting infusion - Romulusz comes to the hospital at dawn. Between the two brothers is a strong link since the institution years: Romulusz takes up Rémusz’ wounds. Rémusz assists Romulusz outside off the hospital and he covers his wound with a jacket. They get into a SUV with tainted glass.

The cop identifies the place and the case files, finds out about the owner the vehicle, who the driver’s worked for, killed in a massacre-style shooting and had two boy children.

They suspect the crew that come to power in the city after the (father’s) gang was crushed. In gangland Rémusz is being taken as dead, the brothers’ minds are on revenge… On the day of the funeral closed casket is brought by a caravan of cars and the event gets media attention. In the meantime Rémusz’ men take hostage some guys in a car at the side of the cemetery.

The guys are tortured: hanged head down used as a punching bag, knifes sticking out… It comes out the gang was about to take over the cocaine business partnering up with a Korean gang. The guys are dead on spot. Rémusz: “Throw them out to the dogs.”

The rival gang attacks back after their men go missing at the funeral. At night they break in to Romulusz’ office, which then blows up. Hearing the news, Romulusz’ wounds disappear. Rémusz plans to kill the head of the rival gang.

The Koreans, who work for the car manufacturing companies in the region, are having fun with prostitutes in a night club, which belongs to a former SWAT team member. Rémusz, who now doesn’t show up in the night life gets to know about them from one of the girls.

When the Koreans leave the place, some cops do a routine check on them, then later from a motorbike driving by they are gunned down in their vehicle.

When a minor conflict develops with the gang responsible for the death of their father, the cop tries to talk them out of it, but that night the police find some stolen cars in a garage and while they are held up investigating, the brothers break in to the crew’s headquarters and kill off the guards… The family is found slaughtered in the morning.

Romulusz and Rémusz get out of town for a while. They hole up in a mountain house, where wolves roam around out in the forest.

Plot keywords: antiquity , false death

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