How it works

Scriptbase is an online screenwriting community enabling screenwriters from all across Europe to upload their screenplays and get them to be read by the professional community and decision makers from the movie and television industry.

Scriptbase is a virtual pitch forum and where any genres and artistic visions are welcome.

Main objective of Scriptbase is to present the freshest voices in screenwriting and to form a professional community where writers and filmmakers can be among peers. Members are expected to review each others’ screenplays in order to help maintain a professional discourse and improve the quality of uploaded screenplays.

Another mission of this portal is to invite producers and other industry players to read these improved screenplays and hopefully select them for development.

Scriptbase is an interactive environment where writers, directors and producers can exchange ideas on improving certain screenplays and look for projects they might want to work on.

Young filmmakers get an opportunity on Scriptbase to get their unique voices heard by the international filmmaking community, while established professionals may further extend their network.


Uploaded screenplays are organized by genre, but a complex search engine helps users to browse submissions by other criteria as well.
Each uploaded screenplay has its own page along with all necessary information (year of completion, genre, development stage, logline, synopsis etc.) Similarly, screenwriters themselves have their own pages with personal data and contact details, filmography and cross references to their submissions on the homepage.

All the services and content of the homepage are accessible only through a two-level registration process. Becoming a Member (User) on the site is free. Members can upload own screenplays and download other members’ scripts to read and possibly review. Aside from writing reviews, Members can also rate the screenplays uploaded by others. Based on their ratings and their writers’ credits, screenplays will be divided into two sections.

The Screenplay section contains all the screenplays accessible to the general registered user public. Every user can upload his/her screenplay in the Screenplay section. To get into the database is completely free.

The tentatively called Premium Screenplays section contains the scripts, data and contact details accessible only by users with Premium registration (producers, production companies, agents, directors, film funds, and other film industry players as well as users with high credit amount). This section contains the quality screenplays of the database, based on highest user ratings and the editors' professional judgement.

Each user has to accept the legal framework of the portal, thus ensuring the protection of all submitted material.

Should you need further informations, please, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.


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