Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I give up any rights when I upload a screenplay?

NO. Every right remains with the author, Scriptbase has no claim whatsoever to any rights of a screenplay.

- I feel uncertain about uploading my screenplay because I am worried that someone will steal my screenplay and/or my idea.

If you are worried about anyone stealing your ideas, please consider that idea theft very rarely occur in the film business, as its ramifications are so severe that no filmmaker in their right mind wants to take the risk. It is easier to outright buy an idea than stealing it. Moreover, publishing your full script is actually the safest possible way of making sure no one will steal your idea - as it has already been posted on a website open for the whole industry, complete with a date stamp, so it is very easy to prove that you had the idea first. That said, we strongly urge everyone to register their screenplay before submitting it here or anywhere else. You can register at the WGA website or your local copyright organization. We strongly suggest you put the registry number you are given on the title page of your screenplay and on the page of your uploaded screenplay in the “Notes” section.

- Is Scriptbase free?

Being a user and member of the Scriptbase community is free. Uploading and keeping a screenplay in the database is also free. You can upload any number of screenplays until that date free of charge. There are no additional or hidden costs.

- What is the Premium Section and how do I get in there?

The Premium Section contains screenplays that in some form or another have proven their outstanding quality in concept and/or content. Scripts in this section are continually promoted to our Premium Users and other decision makers all across Europe using our extensive professional network in the hope of getting as many of these projects to producers as possible.

Getting your screenplay into the Premium Section can be achieved in three ways. If a screenplay is voted outstandingly good by the ScriptBase Community and gets to be among the first three highest rated scripts in our three monthly Best of list, it will automatically be invited into the Premium Section. Author(s) of the script in question may take advantage of this opportunity for free, but it is not compulsory.
If someone wants to get their screenplay into the Premium section without offering it up to the judgment of the community, another way is to use the Script Consulting option, and ordering any of the analyses getting professional feedback on the quality of the screenplay. If based on the analysis the total assessed point value of the screenplay is higher than 80%, the script gets into the Premium Section, if the author so wishes.

Users confident in the quality of their screenplay can also pay the amount of 300 euro/year/work if they want their projects in the Premium Section without any kind of previous assessment.

- How do I upload a script?

Go to the Project Upload menu and follow the easy process described there. It is embarrassingly easy but you will experience a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling in the end.

- How do I remove my registration and/or my screenplay from the database?

In the next-to-unimaginable case that for whatever reason you decide Scriptbase is not for you, it is also very easy to do a virtual runner. Just go to your profile (“My Profile” menu) and hit the “remove” button if you want to remove your screenplay or hit “delete” if you want to cancel your registration. All your traces are erased from the database.

- How do I change data and/or particulars of myself or my screenplay?

Just go to “My profile”, hit “edit” and change whatever you deem necessary.

- What if I uploaded a screenplay and in the meantime I have rewritten it?

You can always refresh the same screenplay. Any changes you have made to your script you can upload the new version completely free or charge. You can upload as many versions of the same project as you wish within the one year period.

- So what’s with this 10% commission you get if I sell the script through Scriptbase?

Scriptbase is not only a database but also a virtual screenplay agency. We are using our network and resources to continually promote the uploaded scripts. Those in the Premium Section we promote specifically and directly through our newsletter and through personal meetings, while those in the regular database we promote as a whole to producers, film directors and other film industry decision makers.

In case your screenplay is found here on the site by such a decision maker and you get to sell the screenplay with the help of Scriptbase we expect a 10% commission from the net sale price. (Further conditions detailed in the Terms of Use)

Of course if you manage to sell the screenplay on your own, without the mediation of Scriptbase, we expect no remuneration whatsoever.

- How does a proper review look like?

We suggest you analyse the screenplay through writing about these aspects of it:
concept, basic idea
Try to write at least one paragraph about each of these.

- Once uploaded, can I change the content of my review?

Sure, you whimsy creative type. Go to “My profile”, access your previous reviews and hit edit.

- Can I score screenplays without reviewing them?

Sure. Any signed up user can score the screenplays in the basic section.

- Can I change the score afterwards?

No. Each user can score a specific screenplay only once.

- Why can I not review or score screenplays in the Premium Section?

Only screenplay in the regular database can be scored and/or reviewed. Into the premium Section go the screenplays that have a proven high quality either by the evaluation of the community or the editors of the site.

- How can I receive professional feedback on my screenplay?

Clicking on the Script Consulting menu you can file a request through the online form. There are two types of professional script coverage. A brief analysis of your screenplay’s merits and possible weak points (2-3 pages) costs 100 euro while a full, deep coverage with suggestions of improvement (10-15 pages) costs 200 euro. You can pay for these services through PayPal by hitting the PayPal icon.

If on the assessment grid that comes with your analysis your screenplay scores more than 80% you have the possibility to enter the screenplay into the Premium Section of the site free of charge if you so wishes. For further info please check out the Script Consulting menu.

- Can I upload only feature screenplays?

No, you may upload screenplays or other creative material for non-fiction films, made-for-TV films and TV series as well.

- Can I upload short screenplays into the database?

Not for now, although we are planning to open a short film section for the database if there is demand for it. Currently we are testing the waters.

- What is the normal length of a screenplay?

It varies, but let1s say anything under 70 pages and over 140 pages seems fishy if it is meant to be a feature film screenplay.

- How about the length of treatments?

Again, it varies from writer to writer and school to school, but a treatment should be between 4 and 20 pages in length generally.

- What file formats can I upload as scripts and/or any other material?

We only accept .pdf format for screenplays and any other material related to the project.

- How can I create a .pdf file?

Either your screenplay formatting software can do it for you if you click on “Save as” and select pdf, or there is an easy to use and free software that can convert your documents into pdf:

- What’s the standard screenplay format?

If you are a professional writer, or you want to become one it is advisable to study the proper industry formatting of screenplays. You can learn more on the following sites:

- I have read a screenplay on Scriptbase and I want to contact its writer? / I have a screenplay in the Scriptbase database. How can anyone contact me about my work?

The direct contact to the authors are not made public. All contact details to the authors in the database can be received through the editors of the site. If you want to contact a writer, please click on the “contact” button on the page of said screenplay and we will send you the contact details to your registered email address.

- What do I do if I discover any material on Scriptbase that constitutes copyright infringement or alludes to any form of illegal activity?

In case you discover any such sign among the screenplays, reviews or comments posted on Scriptbase, please contact us in an email sent to info@screenplay.eu

If we verify that the content in question is indeed unlawful we will delete it immediately.


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