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The World of Shorts Magazine - as one of the most significant short film magazine, dealing exclusively with the short programmes of A-lister film festivals - is getting a new edition for the Berlinale 2013. As the editors we are offering a chance for you to present your next short film project. This chance is the PitchPage.

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horror , 25-06-2012

After a Halloween celebration, a family of six becomes enslaved by unseen forces. Read script here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByCA9zbLoR9vUDJEN1Z1a0hrYWc

No Witness

children/family , drama , 29-05-2012

After helping a stranger with her luggage at an airport, a first-time traveler ends up in jail and overcomes 'death' many times.

Albino Crows

A small town deputy sheriff and his waitress girlfriend get their worlds turned upside down with the arrival of a leather clad, muscle car driving lunatic.

Ass Kicker

comedy , action/adventure , 17-05-2012

After creating his own form of martial arts, Donny “The Greatest” Milfer, sets out to challenge his skills against local dojos.

In the way of God

drama , horror , 29-04-2012

To serve God they murdered their own...that were ‘utterly’ righteous…


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Just about the concept

author: Peter O'Nius, 06-08-2011
Screenplay: xposure (alexander hay)

No wonder that a lot of fun it is to develop an idea like that, but for the audience it's just an unwanted game.

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