One of These Days

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 05-02-2009
Length: 105 pages
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Logline: Every action has a consequence.

One of These Days is a tightly plotted, riveting tale of guilt and punishment with a unique structure and a shocking twist.

Synopsis: 9, January 2007
The day when once-successful whiz kid PAL embarks on a day-long journey. During this sad road trip he goes to visit his long estranged MOTHER, then tracks down his one time buddy HENRIK, a millionaire marking his time in an alcohol rehab clinic. After their fight Pal goes to great lengths to locate ex-lover ZOE, who by now has turned into an upmarket prostitute. Failing to reconcile with her, he bitterly pays her for sex and leaves to his ultimate destination. It’s a dreary hospital when he is first confronted by ALEX, an embittered ex-teacher confined to a wheelchair. Pal is here to see Alex’s wife, VIVIEN, who is dying in the ICU ward. Pal and Alex’s bickering lead to a fight and Pal produces a knife… Knowing that all the people he has met today he got them into their miserable state.

21, May 2003
We flashback to where it all began. The last day of Pal’s university studies. His final opportunity to get Vivien’s attention. He’s been trying to get to her for years now, but she never gave him the time of day. Pal befriends her brother, Henrik and they decide to go to the farewell ball in the evening. Their most dreaded teacher, Alex chooses Pal for a prestigious scholarship, thus becoming his de facto mentor. Things go beautifully for Pal when at the ball he finally seems to have a breakthrough with Vivien as well. However, at one point he realizes that Vivien and Alex are having a secret affair. Pal decides to teach Alex a lesson. His prank goes horribly wrong. Alex gets into an accident with Vivien on his side. Both are gravely injured.

23, September 2004
Much to Pal’s relief, his involvement in the accident remained a mystery. Alex got into a wheelchair and Vivien suffers from a bad liver condition. They have got married in the meantime. Alex still looks at Pal as his protégé, helping him through his career. It’s the day of Henrik and Zoe’s engagement. Pal helmed their relationship, though Zoe is not in love with Henrik. She also has a clandestine affair with Pal. Still in love with Vivien, Pal breaks up with Zoe. At the end of the day Pal manages to seduce Vivien, deeply unhappy with her marriage.

21, February 2005
Pal is unexpectedly fired from his comfortable job. It turns out Alex pulled strings. Vivien had a miscarriage and Alex found out about Pal’s and her one night stand. Pal does everything to fight back, even enlists the ever more alcoholic Henrik’s help. But it looks he is about to lose. Pal starts to make preparations to elope with Vivien.

11, August 2006
Pal’s plans fell flat. He’s a badly paid slave in Henrik’s company, his career effectively ruined by Alex. Pal attends Henrik and Zoe’s wedding in a foul mood. Still clinging to him, Zoe comes onto Pal, and Henrik realizes that they’ve been lovers. During their climactic argument it comes out that in fact it was Pal’s prank on that fateful night 4 years previous that had got all of them into this miserable place.

We cut back to the present. In the hospital, Pal has a big knife in his hand. He has come to make one last desperate move. It seems it takes a kill to make everything right.

Plot keywords: revenge , sexual abuse , yuppies , mystery , multi-protagonists

Notes: Developed through the Mediterranean Film Institute 2006 Script Workshops


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