Controlled Insanity

country_of_origin: United States
Uploaded: 08-10-2010
Length: 115 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: Controlled Insanity is like the movie "Crash" meets a recession. Five
individuals of all different walks in life struggle to survive in a
faltering economy all the while trying not to compromise their morals and or

Synopsis: Controlled Insanity is an ensemble story about the lives of
five individuals during this modern day recession, and the levels of
degradation that some of the characters stoop to in order to survive during
the economic downturn. The five main characters are all from different walks
of life. For instance, Eduardo Alvarez is a CEO and President of the
fictitious corporation Jark. Heather is a single mother of an adorable
towheaded little boy, as well as the recent college graduate of the
University of Chicago. Rick Thomas and John Rogers are Chicago police
officers, and lastly Stanley is a middle age African American secretary with
a lower middle class family depending solely upon his income. All are tossed
into the fray of an economic downturn with flimsy job security. Eventually,
four out of the five main characters are pushed over the edge by the harsh
economical conditions.
Undoubtedly, Controlled Insanity is a powerful and innovative story with
complex and compelling characters. The characters are exquisitely rendered
and never waiver in their truthfulness. It is hard for one to not like
everything about this script. It is complex, possessing authentic
characters and conflicts. It is tense, heartbreaking, funny, touching,
dramatic, and tragic. Also, all the characters speak in a distinct voice.
Everything feels so real here that we are completely caught up in the story
and the plight of the characters. The characters are refreshingly human in
their depth and comprehension, while the territory they explore soars.
Ingeniously, the writer offers an original story and a unique voice,
filling each page with vibrant dialogue and rich characterizations. This is
the work of a really fine writer. The prose is eloquent and evocative, and
the dialogue is glib and realistic. This script had me wanting to race ahead
to know what happens next and simultaneously wanting to slow down and savor
every moment. This is a clever, extremely well executed piece that plays out
with a surreal intensity that challenges the reader's perception of reality.
Ultimately, this is one of those great scripts that has your attention from
page one and doesn't let up until the last page. It says so much about the
consequences of our actions, all while delivering a captivating story with
twists and turns, gritty three-dimensional characters, and unique settings.
I don't know how the writer decided this subject matter would ever work as a
screenplay, but it's even more surprising how he pulled it off in a way
that makes you wonder why nobody else has done it.

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