Albino Crows

country_of_origin: United States
Uploaded: 17-05-2012
Length: 96 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: A small town deputy sheriff and his waitress girlfriend get their worlds turned upside down with the arrival of a leather clad, muscle car driving lunatic.

Synopsis: Brad was the town’s high school football star, now he’s the town’s deputy sheriff. Sindy is Brad’s longtime girlfriend. They’re high school sweethearts, but she grows tired of the small town she lives in.

Their relationship becomes even more strained once the arrival of AZ, the leader of a muscle car gang named The Albino Crows, storms into town.

For Sindy and AZ it’s love at first sight. AZ is dangerous, sarcastic, brutal and most likely a psychopath.

He and his gang stir up trouble with the locals and the law. Brad gets even more jealous of AZ once Sindy leaves him for the gearhead.

Brad gives AZ and his gang an ultimatum, leave town or get arrested. But AZ isn’t going to leave that easily. He makes plans to leave with Sindy, offering her, her longtime dream of finally going to Hollywood. Needing to think about it, AZ gives her a couple of days to come to a decision.

While Sindy is thinking it over, Brad is trying his best to move on, finding solace in a new relationship. As the deadline comes, AZ and his gang set a trap. They want to teach Brad a little lesson, beating him half to death.

A change in plans leaves Sindy upset. Now going to Mexico instead of California, she refuses to leave with AZ, forcing him to turn the car over; she gets out and walks away. Furious, AZ backs his car into reverse, running her down, killing her.

When Brad wakes from his coma, he learns of Sindy’s death and vows revenge. He hunts them down, armed with a sawedoff shotgun, killing them off one by one.

Plot keywords: revenge, sex, cars, violent, sad


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