country_of_origin: United States
Uploaded: 25-06-2012
Length: 95 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: After a Halloween celebration, a family of six becomes enslaved by unseen forces.

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Synopsis: Ben Arson, a business man lives with wife, Stella and four kids, Michelle, Stacey, Clive and Luis. One night, while the family celebrates Halloween, Michelle visits the beach with her boy friend and there, he gets injured after their tent is carried off them by a strong wind and a coconut hits him as he tries entering their car. Later, she visits the area where they pitched it and finds some claw and whip marks on the tent. Meanwhile, Dennis, her boyfriend in hospital has some flashes of varied lights appearing on his face occasionally, something his doctor and a nurse witness. At the Arson’s home, Stella, a homemaker starts receiving help from no where. She finds her laundry done and food prepared. Later, when she tries talking to a neighbor friend about it, she (neighbour) mysteriously trips over something and falls mightily before her. Stella cries for help but no sound emerges from her mouth. Finally, she signals to a passer by, a man with a car who takes the woman to hospital. Dennis escapes from the hospital and Michelle visits him at home but after a short kiss, she appears troubled and leaves explaining she feels nauseated. Back home, she vomits some light, greenish liquid that appears to have some seaweed in it. Subsequently, whenever, she showers, she throws up. Meanwhile, Clive has found a job in a car service center but must wash every Silver car that arrives there else whoever washes it would be hurt severely as a washer had one of eyes punched by a wiper while washing a Silver car one day. At Luis's school, his classmate and friend, Joyce, severally chokes on the food she had bought her self. Luis had bought her lunch the previous day and nothing had happened. After work one evening, Stacey boards the bus which bumps into something invisible and stops. The driver checks beneath it and while there, the bus moves quickly, running him over. She finds a taxi and boards it. The following day, when she boards another bus, it runs over the foot of a passenger ascending it, causing her to abandon it for the same taxi. Ben picks a waitress on his way home after work, offering her a ride to her work place, a bar, close by. There his car stops and he's forced to enter the bar for help. In there, he encounters another waitress whom he chats with until his car is repaired several minutes later...

Plot keywords: spiritual, horror

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