Soft revenge

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 02-03-2009
Length: pages
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Logline: Can you take revenge on the murderer of your father? And what if that person is a policeman, if he is your sweatheart’s father, and if he is going to ruin you, too? And what if he hasn’t killed anyone?

Synopsis: In the ’80 s in an Eastern-European country occupied by the Soviet troops a young Russian officer deserted. A novice detective shot him carrying out the command blindly. Cosequences? The policeman was promoted. Nevertheless, the soldier’s widow and his orphaned daughter did not forget.

ANNA has grown up, she is taken to the police station in the course of a raid. TAMÁS, the young policeman is in charge of the paperwork. He has difficulties getting on with Anna, the Ukrainian girl. Police chief VÁRI is dissatisfied with his people, he demands results. Vári provokes Anna, she freaks out, Tamás is helpless, too, in the scuffle they break the valuable equipment. It doesn’t matter to Vári whether it was an accident or intentional destruction, Anna is blamed, she is reported, to improve statistics. Anna offers a deal to Tamás; she is going to help the investigation if her case sorts out. Tamás likes the girl, so he accepts the offer. While they investigate together collecting data about IVÁN and his gang, they fall in love. Anna came to study to the West, because her father had died here, she wants to find out the whole truth. Vári is preparing for another police raid, he plans to use Anna as a scapegoat. His son, Tamás disapproves of his Father’s methods, he hates his job. Tamás breaks into Vári’s office to prevent Anna’s fall and he finds some confidential documents there. It was Vári who shot Alekszej, Anna’s father twenty-five years ago. Meanwhile Anna gets evidence against Vári from a courier. When Anna and Tamás meet, he shows her the secret documents. Vári caughts them in his office, Anna faces her father’s murderer whose son, Tamás is her love. Vári arrests Anna, Tamás is suspended from service. The desperate girl breaks up with Tamás.

Vári denies the murder, he was simply carrying out a command. Still Tamás hates him as he lost his love because of him. Iván executes the courier, Vári’s people find the dead body. The investigation is in real progress noe, the hunt for Iván and his gang gets fierce. Anna is deported from the country. Tamás cannot put up with the situation, he wants to know the truth, so he travels to Ukraine. Iván learns that Anna has got his package, he has to get it back whatever it takes, because he is involved in arms business. Anna and IRINA, the widow have a debate about revenge and official compensation. Anna wants to settle the past, she realises that her mother used her to satisfy her own thirst for vengeance, but now, that they know the offender, the mother draws back. Tamás searches for Alekszej’s fellow soldiers, and he meets SZERGEJ who may have spent the last days with Anna’s father. But the man can’t remember anything, he lay in coma. Still Tamás’ visit makes him realise that his memories might be true, they just belong to someone else’s life. Anna and Tamás meet, he declares his love to her and he refuses to accept that Anna broke up with him because of his father. The girl asks Tamás to call Vári there so that they can clear up the past. They find Iván’s keys, and that’s a good enogh motive for the chief policeman to travel to them.. Iván is on his way as well as Szergej, because her step-mother admitted to have exchanged his dead son’s identity for that of Alekszej. Vári has to face Anna’s and Irina’s hatred, but he is only interested in the evidence against Iván. Tamás stands beside Anna, especially after finding out that Alekszej is alive, which means that his father is not a murderer. He starts out to find Szergej’s home, so they miss each other. Alekszej and Ivan arrive to Anna’s at the same time, so the payoff can start.

Tamás took the keys to the detonator with him, so Iván forces him to a meeting, where Anna assists him. Iván holds Vári hostage, that’s why he cannot do anything, although he learns from a phone call that an international action is in progress against the participants of the arms business, among them against Iván. Yet Anna enjoys Iván’s confidenc, so she can hold up the gangster and she brings Vári to his knees. But then Iván’s boss, his own father arrives, the person who ordered to fire at Alekszej. Now his long-standing lies are exposed and the guilty have to pay. Anna and Tamás find back to each other.

Plot keywords: Soviets , cold war , love , revenge


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