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country_of_origin: Slovakia
Uploaded: 04-03-2009
Length: 93 pages
Status: free

Logline: A story about making decisions: between two men, two parents, two countries and whether to be or not to be a teacher at school full of Gipsy kids.

Synopsis: Fresh graduate from Geography Monika (23) returns to her small hometown on the East of Slovakia, where unemployment is high, exodus of young people big and where only growing population are Gipsies. A sole reason for her comeback is her sick father. Monika visited her mother in London, but mother´s lifestyle makes her upset. She feels much better in a father´s companion, although he´s wry and crabby because of his sick kidneys and loneliness. She is decided to stay with him despite of none job opportunity here. Monika´s boyfriend Milan visits her before his leaving for Ireland, but she stubbornly insists on their break up. She considers his leaving as a betrayal similar to her mother´s one.

Monika gets only job, which is open even to not really qualified people – a teacher at local grammar school full of Gipsy kids. The main problem of the teachers here is not a discrimination rather frustration, when they are loosing their sense of humour in the middle of so many desperately fun situations.

After some difficulties Monika comes together with her students as well as with her neighbour and a teacher at the same school Braňo. However, their passionate relationship ends very soon. Monika is loosing her job right in a moment, when she finds a deep sense in it. Her father dies, so mother and Milan arrive to a burial. It brings them near and Monika promises to follow Milan to Ireland later. Before she goes to a trip with her ex-students.

Plot keywords: teacher , gypsies , school

Notes: Nomination for Hartley-Merril Prize, USA, 2007;
Main Award for Feature Script & KODAK VISION Prize, Tibor Vichta Award, Slovakia, 2006


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