country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 21-06-2009
Length: 135 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: A lonely, simple guy finds a valet, a girl's picture in it, and feels that she is in trouble and needs to be rescued. A low rank policeman is looking for the crime he could solve to show the world who he is. They find each other, they misunderstand each other and they both believe that the other could be their mighty foe. They are ready to fight - one for the girl, the other for pride... but they fight with shadows...

Synopsis: Mysterious things are going on deep down in the dark heart of Budapest. A quiet, lonely man, called KOVÁCS finds a valet in the street, in it a photo of a girl and it makes him change his life. A low rank policeman, called JOCÓ TÓTH is bored of his old life and hunts for the crime of the century (and its solution, of course). They both find themselves in the middle of a suspenseful crime story, the kind you usually see in Hollywood movies.
Kovács thinks that the beautiful and frightened girl on the photo should be saved from a blackmailing crime organisation; the policeman is on track to find a mad serial killer getting its act together to kill his first victim: a beautiful and frightened girl. They both pursue the adventure of there life with delirious enthusiasm to achieve what usually waits at the end: love.

They don’t even care that nothing is true of their stories. They both misinterpret everything and follow each other. All proofs are false, all clues are misapprehensions.

They both follow the other guy. Anything they do simply reaffirms the other ones suspicion.

The whirlwind they create accelerates and grips all around them: a bullying old hag next door to Kovács, MRS. HORVÁTH becomes the spy for Jocó; while ZSUZSA, Kovács’ nosy employer and occasional sex partner, who juggles with all kind of businesses and fails with all of them supposed to be the key witness. Three old men, regular card player partners of Kovács sniff around their mate following Zsuzsa’s orders.
The two men finally find the ignorant victim at the same time. She is a small time actress, who first thinks that both men are crazy then lets herself convinced by one of them, then by the other one, then by the first one again. Finally she believes Jocó that the other guy was going to kill her, so they knock him out and flee the scene. But Kovács still wants to save his loved one from her kidnapper and follows them.

In the final scene the girl seems to be Kovács’ sidekick again: she does not have a clue what this unknown man talks about a conspiracy that is trying to blackmail her, but enjoys being in the limelight. They escape on a train. Outside Jocó, the cop is holding onto the train, his hair blowing in the wind. He would not give up: wants to help the abducted girl. It is an endless, bare prairie; the train is rushing into the large, red wheel of the rising sun.

Two Don Xijotes.
Three happy people.

Plot keywords: pub , photo , police


#1  comment by migueldezayas 08-02-2010

Hi Kovacs! Az't hiszem hogy, 'Szervusz' lenne jobb ugye? Szoval, film iranyto a mai Magyarorszagon... Nehez lehet az elet ott ezen a te'ren. Hidd el nekem hogy, USA-ban ahol lakom 15 eve mar, nem shok a valoszinugei annak, hogy egyaltalan a kezdo" sora legyen elarusitani a sajat torte'nete't. Mindenkeepen az enymet kuldtem a csomo contests-be... Hat ha. Mindegy! Nagyon shok szerencset kivanlak es ha raerek ezen a heten elolvasom a tiedet, rendben van? Szia! Miguel De Zayas.


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