Mea Culpa

country_of_origin: Belgium
Uploaded: 15-08-2009
Length: 123 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: Lies can make life and living together a lot easier… untill they are exposed.

Synopsis: Laura (age 21), daughter of Annie and Frank (her step¬father), commits suicide by throwing herself under a train. As there’s no farewell letter, Frank and Annie stay behind with a lot of confusing questions and emotions. The death of Laura must have had a reason, but which one? Step by step they discover the hidden truth behind Laura’s death. They wish they hadn’t…

We see LAURA committing suicide, while in the meantime, DEREK, her (ex-)lover is at a party with his new girlfriend, SARAH, once Laura’s best friend. In a dead moment, Derek tries to call Laura. Standing between the rails, she hears her mobile ringing. Just at that moment the train hits her.
ANNIE and FRANK are informed by chief-inspector DANIELS about what happened to their daughter. According to Frank, Laura was depressed because of what Derek and Sarah did to her: they both deceived her. Annie has her doubts.
Daniels talks to Derek, who is manager in the company of his father. Derek and Sarah, who also works there, feel guilty. Is it really because of them that Laura is dead? Daniels finds out that Laura still had plans for the near future: she app¬lied for a job in a school. Is this the action of someone who wants to commit suicide?
Annie finds out that one photograph of Laura disappeared from the family-album. Later on, Frank, who is secretely looking around in Laura’s bedroom, finds the photo in her diary. The family picture is torn apart, which confuses Frank. He also finds a letter from Derek who apologizes for his love affair with Sarah. Can she, please, forgive him?
Frank confronts Derek and Sarah with the letter. It’s very embarrassing to all of them, especially to Annie who is now convinced that Laura, indeed, killed herself because of Derek. Then they get a call from chief-inspector Daniels. The post-mortem revealed that Laura was pregnant when she died.
According to Frank, Derek dropped Laura when he heard she was pregnant. Derek denies. He didn’t even know Laura was expect¬ing. He starts a DNA-procedure to find out if he was really the father.
Annie discovers a used pregnancy indicator in Laura’s room. She must have known she was with child when she killed herself!
Derek receives the result of his DNA-test, which prooves he was not the father of Laura’s child. When he informs Frank and Annie about this, Frank doesn’t believe him and becomes so furious that he gets a heart-attack. In the hospital his condition is critical. What he regrets most, is that he never had children of his own. Annie, who’s afraid he’s going to die, makes a confession: Laura was his daughter. She never told her first husband about her adultery with Frank, because he was so ill. After his dead, she was too ashamed to admit to Frank and her family that she had deceived a dying man… But this is no comfort to Frank at all.
And Derek seems to know why…

Plot keywords: suicide , lies , sexual abuse , betrayal

Notes: English version


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