The Magic of the Diamond Ring

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 27-09-2009
Length: 1 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: In England, there lived a little girl with his father and mother, who had been fatally ill, and before she died gave the little girl a ring, which glistened like a diamond….
The fabulous island, the beauty of the landscape tempt us to an exciting adventure. This cartoon fairy tale is not only for children, but adults can also enjoy the lot of nice experiences…

Synopsis: This extraordinary story happened a long time ago… In England there lives a little girl with his father and mother, who is fatally ill, and before she dies, gives the little girl a ring which glistens like a diamond.
Her father, whose name is Tom, is a zookeeper, his little daughter, whose name is Eve, 12, with a delicate figure and violet eyes. One day the manager of the zoo asks Tom in his office and makes him the following request: animals should be shipped from Africa to England for the zoo. He accepts the task, and in two days their ship sets sail. The little girl is very happy to go to that fabulous island, however their ship gets caught in a violent storm. Amid the big panic nobody knows anything about the other, neither the father, nor his little daughter. The crested waves drift the little girl and her father to different islands, but making a beeline they are not far from each other. Next morning the sea calms down, and the little girl has the glistening piece of ring in her hand, which broke in two during the storm. Crying, she sets out sadly to discover the surroundings and looks for something to eat. On an other island the same happens to his father. Full of hopes, the little girl sets out in search of her father, while she finds herself among black aborigines who take her in a friendly manner, invite her into their tent, entertain her, and Eve tells them her sad story, how she got to their island. Next day when she wakes up, catches sight of a little panther cub next to her bed, this little animal becomes the little girl’s protector. As days, weeks go by she makes herself more and more comfortable in the company of the aborigines. She takes part in countless exotic adventures but even these can’t make her forget his father. Tom, from the other island, sets out on his way to find his child. After a long, adventurous way he arrives on the aborigines’ island. Around the flaming fire he can see a suntanned, blond little girl, whose hand the half-broken diamond ring gleams in, and there he sees Eve again, and then he recognises she is really his little daughter. No matter how much the fabulous island with the hospitable islanders and landscape becomes very dear to them, still, they have to return to their mother country, England. The aborigines become really attached to little Eve, so when leaving they give her the little panther, so she takes little Peggy with her.

Plot keywords: magic, adventure


#1  comment by Ramagardner 24-12-2009

Is there any chance of putting a full script up? I liked what I read but there really needs to be more for us to judge it properly!


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