country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 06-02-2009
Length: 112 pages
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Logline: No business, like show business! If you want to stay alive, sometimes you have to die… in live.

Synopsis: Tamás Angyal (Thomas Angel) is the nation’s most popular television showman. He’s in touble: the ratings of his long-running weekly live talk show called „Angyal show” („Angel Show”) start taking a dangerous dive. The new no.1 star is his former apprentice and exlover Gitta Erdős. Her ratings go sky high thanks to her controversial topics, her intense sexuality and her no-nonsense personality.

One night Angyal witnesses the rescue of a car accident victim. The man with lethal injuries looks him in the eyes just before he dies. Angyal takes a risky step. He invites Erdős to his show as a guest. His team works out the questions designed to attack Erdős both professionally and ethically. Someone leaks the questions to Erdős and her team. Gitta Erdős scores big time in Angyal Show. She humiliates the showman in front of the whole nation. To make matters more embarassing. Angyal glimpses the dead man in the audience for a moment.

TV station president Schneider decides to pull the plug of Angyal Show. Angyal convinces Schneider to give him one more shot. Angyal promises to launch a brand new, spectacular television show at his own expense. Angyal is aware that he’s been betrayed. He puts together a new team, keeping only his producer, Csaba and his loyal assistant and apprentice, Vera.

The new all-star creative team is brainstorming, but nobody manages to come up with a groudbraking concept. Vera silently pitches her idea: someone’s heart should be stopped then brought back to life to be interviewed by Angyal abuot the first-hand experiences from the other side. In live. Angyal embraces the idea: this is going to be the first edition of Alfa Show!

Erdős senses that her rival is up to something special. She offers to join forces with Angyal on her new show, freshly licenced the UK. It is expected to become a smash. Angyal refuses her. Erdős turns to Csaba, who is ready to sell the drafts of Angyal’s new show. The documents bought for millions by Erdős turn out to be useless, she was stood up by Angyal.

They find the re-animatologist who will participate in the new show – professor Várady. He is the one who has developed the medicine called Dixamol which brings the patients back to life from clinical death with 97 percent efficiency.

One question remains unanswered. Who is going to be the one willing to die and resurrect on live TV? According to Angyal’s advocate suicide is the only legal possibility, everything else is considered homicide. The only person who is allowed to commit it is the one who has come up with the idea: Vera. Angyal doesen’t share this information with the girl for a while but hints the idea that he will need someone to accompany him on stage in Alfa Show. Vera gets excited about the possibility of her first on-screen appearance. Her dreams seem to come true. The dead man keeps appearing to Angyal. This scary vision is haunting him.

Angyal gives a spectacular party on his 40th birtday, one day before the show. An all star crowd shows up. He announces that Vera is the daring and determined person who will be brought back from the dead in the show. The crowd celebrates the girl who gets speechless by the news. In between them the girl gets a chance to stay no, even if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to realize her dreams. Vera is not able to refuse. Angyal kisses the girl. Erdős steps in, Vera leaves the party. She feels sick, visions are haunting her, nearly suffers a car accident. The dead man appears again to Angyal who is almost raped by Erdős.

Before the show Csaba catches Angyal filling the charity gift Dixamol bottle with soapwater. Only the portion Dixamol which is to bring Vera back to life is real. The live show begins. Vera is in panic. In the commercial break professor várady states that the girl’s condition is not safe enough for Dixamol. After the break Angyal announces he will be the subject of the experiment himself. He takes the poison and lies on the operating table. Vera finds out that Angyal has put something in her drink last night because he intended to be the one who would come back from the dead from the begining. After the clinical death happens, professor Várady is about to inject Dixamol. Suddenly Angyal’s legs are thrown into spasm, and the showman kicks the medicine out of the proffesor’s hands. Várady jumps to the bottle his hospital has just received as a charity gift, sucks medicine out of it and injects it into Angyal. Csaba runs down to the stage terrified. The medicine doesn’t work, the professor proceeds with cardiac massage.

Angyal is sitting by the river bank, talking about the power of love. It seems like the second edition of Alfa Show. But is’s not. Angyal is dead and at his funeral Schneider gives a heart-gripping speech. It turns out that Alfa Show will go on with a deserving successor. The second Show opens with a silouette of a woman stepping on the stage

Plot keywords: TV show , showman , reality show , resurrection , re-animation

Notes: screenplay, 10th draft 4th Prize at the Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Contest


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