country_of_origin: United States
Uploaded: 20-10-2009
Length: 123 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: A young man searches for the one responsible for sabotaging his life.

Synopsis: Today, Christian Mancini will propose to his girlfriend, Alexa, of six years. He takes his best friend, Devon, out to buy groceries for the special event. We can tell they have been friends for a long time by the way they banter back and forth. Things take a drastic turn when Christian lashes out at a cashier, Cadence, for confusing him with someone else.

Alexa sports a Gothic appearance: not the kind of girl you'd expect a clean cut man, like Christian, to be dating. During the meal, and to no one's attention, we find Devon stalking Alexa through a window. Christian surprises Alexa with a photo taken during senior year of high school. As we delve into their past, an amazing story unfolds of how two unlikely people met, and why one simple photo changed their lives forever. Christian proposes and Alexa accepts.

Christian is a struggling Realtor. Devon does him a favor and sets up an appointment with his uncle, Adam Johansen. During the appointment, Adam explains that he was close to Devon, but an “incident” damaged their relationship.

During a conversation, Christian tells Devon about his deep seeded resentment toward his mother that is so strong, he refuses to identify her dead body, to where it remains stored in a freezer at the morgue.

While Alexa is in the shower, a suspicious incident causes Christian to search through her phone, revealing a secret friendship between her and Devon. Christian is confused by this secrecy and when he confronts Alexa, she shrugs it off. Christian becomes frustrated and leaves. He wanders back to the grocery of earlier, where he bumps into Cadence. Christian apologies for the way he treated her earlier and explains that ever since his mother savagely beat him, he's lived with the curse of “looking like other people.” While this curse may seem laughable, it has proven to be tormenting. He continues to explain that he hates being misidentified so passionately, he burned down a man's house as a result of it. This incident has caused Alexa to become afraid of Christian.

After Alexa continually turns down Devon's request for sex, Devon threatens her with revealing their affair to Christian. Alexa comes to terms with her infidelity and admits to Christian the betrayal. Before she gets a chance to explain all the fine print, Christian assumes the worst and storms out and checks into a motel. Alexa starts to get sick and uses a pregnancy test which reads “Positive.”

Christian learns that Adam Johansen's house has burned down. He runs home to Alexa who has already received the news. Alexa assumes that Christian was behind the crime and tells Christian that their relationship is over, then to seal the deal, she tells him she is pregnant with Devon's child. When Christian asks, “why?” she explains that he is reminiscent of her controlling father. This causes Christian to go off the deep end.

Christian checks back into the motel. The memory of his mother's beating surfaces, and we learn that she did it because Christian is a spitting image of his father, whom she hated. Christian brutally mutilates his face. Afterward, he receives a message from beyond the grave that he must “forgive” to end the curse. Christian attempts to hang himself, but is slighted when his phone rings: it's Alexa. Christian finds it within him to cut the rope with his knife and free himself. Christian returns to his house to find Devon lying on top of a battered Alexa. Christian loses in a duel with Devon, but in a twist of Fate, Adam, who knew of his nephew's obsession all along, shows up and kills Devon. Alexa explains to Christian that she lied because she was afraid, and the baby is actually his. Christian makes amends with his mother and releases her ashes into the Pacific Ocean.

Plot keywords: identity , love , violence , blockbuster , italian , betrayal , mystery


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