Torda - Legend of the Black Warrior

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 06-02-2009
Length: 175 pages
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Logline: In a time when faith was stronger than sword… In a place where people wanted peace…
A new myth was born.

Synopsis: The „TORDA” is a monumental historical fantasy epic. Combines the fairy-tale elements of the Hungarian folk myths with the naturalist, spectacular visuals of historical adventure movies.

A rebellious warrior’s way towards immortality and a nation’s way toward freedom of choice.

A.D. 997-998

Torda, the warrior gets a lethal wound as he is fighting by the side of the fallen Koppány. He is being cured by goddes Fairy Ilona, respected as the ancestress of the Hungarians, this time realised in human body. They fall in love with each other. Torda has to pay a big for the goddess’ kiss. He becomes immortal but is doomed to eternal loneliness, since Fairy Ilona must not love a mortal human being, therefore has to leave him. Being disappointed in love and disillusioned in his faith Torda joins his greatest enemy, Bárczi, who supports King István.

A.D. 1032

The black-hearted, black-suited man carring black-feathered arrows trying to escape from the haunting memory of Fairy Ilona, becomes the admired yet feared Black Warrior in the people’s eyes. In the popular mind he is regarded as the Sun King, still walking his way in eternal solitude as the Knight of Darkness. His body always remains young but his heart is growing older, helplessly aching for the Fairy Queen.
Out of the blue appears a mysterious girl with supernatural power named Mariana who turns out to be the daughter of Fairy Ilona and Torda. She has a secret mission.
Inspired by her mother she goes in quest of the chosen ones whose fate is to become leaders of the fight for preserving the ancient religion. The girl guides them on separate ways but towards one final goal, so that finally they meet and be tested at the turning point of their lives.
The warriors have to face a difficult decision: should they follow the politically prescribed, Christian way or the light of truth burning in their heart?

However, love turns Mariana off her path for a moment, being just enough to initiate a chain of tragedies…

Plot keywords: historical , betrayal , magic , fairy

Notes: Rightful owner: Anikó Dunaveczky and Tibor Fonyódi Copyright: 24. 02. 2000. / ARTISJUS Title: „ Damned, Fool World „ Number is: 000224010 T


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not bad


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