Hathor's Lamp

country_of_origin: United States
Uploaded: 06-02-2010
Length: 96 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: "In the midst of a bizarre experiment, an archeological artifact reopens an ancient wound... A three-thousand year parole finally comes to an end".

"A team of archeologists joined efforts to conduct the most bizarre scientific experiment ever imagined. Using recently discovered “pass words” and a prototype “Lamp” designed accordingly to blue prints carved on a temple walls, the group was attempting to open a channel of communication between Past and Present. The year was 1984 and the restricted area: the Chamber of Death inside the Pyramid of Giza.
An unexpected incident caused a premature abortion of the experiment but the unintended results would defy forever our most sacred beliefs...
More than four thousand years ago in the midst of an ancient ritual an unholy error was accidentally made by one of the Gods; the kind of mistake that no even Gods could get away with. The TRIAL in progress automatically turned into a MISTRIAL calling for a rightful compensation.
The mistake became obvious after ANUBIS (The Goddess of the Death) stabbed the chest of a recently deceased goddess (The Goddess of the Night). During a routine procedure she was surprised when besides a heart she found something unexpected:
The young goddess had died before her time while still carrying a living baby in her womb.
The three judges (ANUBIS, THOTH and MA’AT) decided to “post” their verdict for centuries to come in the form of carvings on the walls of the most secret Chamber inside the Temple of Dendera.
Along with the “Sacred Words” corresponding to the exact “time-index” of the TRIAL, they also left the blueprints of a mysterious artifact required to recall the three members of the TRIAL in the event of a possible litigation.
PROFESSOR ARTHUR WILLIAMS, 27 and his wife (CLAIRE, 25) were the only unofficial guesses present during the day the experiment took place; Claire was also the only female in the group. She was going through difficult times and their presence in Egypt was part of Arthur’s idea in dealing with her impediments to have babies. The unexpected present of strange shadows followed by Claire’s erratic behavior caused her to faint on top of the “Lamp”. By unknown means, right after the ordeal she miraculously became pregnant and she wasn’t supposed to. Almost nine months after their return from Egypt Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
The girl was named Stephanie but she was certainly not a common one. The origin of Stephanie’s powers and the details concerning her own birth, have been secretly kept for her own protection for almost twenty five years. Professor Arthur Williams and his wife Claire decided to tell no one (not even Stephanie) about details regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding her origins.
One by one those participating in the experiment lose their life under strange circumstances. Arthur and Claire begin to worry about Stephanie’s wellbeing. HOFFMAN HESS (DOCTOR HESS’ UNCLE and the only German member of the former Team) was in possession of an ancient secret since his volunteer involvement with Himmler’s S.S. in 1944.
DOCTOR HESS with the unconditional support of his uncle succeeds on kidnapping Stephanie after a risky kidnap operation in high seas off the coast of the Bahamas. Stephanie was held in a secure location until the day of the ceremony. Her parents in the company of PAUL (Stephanie’s boyfriend) and RICK (Paul’s best friend) travel to Cairo in search for her and clues about her captor.
It is during the remaking of the ancient TRIAL when a centuries-old mystery finally comes alive: the night of the TRIAL the Goddess of the Night was carrying twins. The accidental fracture of the “Lamp” (caused by Claire’s fainting) aborted the process right before Stephanie’s twin brother could have been successfully transferred into Claire’s womb.
A simultaneous appeal to the Gods made by Stephanie’s twin brother at the exact moment Doctor Hess became an evil God, made AMMIT (The monster) to change his mind; turning against Doctor Hess, eating his heart and scaring his men out of the Chamber.
The moment Stephanie exits the Pyramid, a multitude of believers bow in front of her as a sign of respect. The recovery of a hidden treasure in the Caribbean performed by the newlywed couple followed by an emotional scene at the auditorium where Stephanie displays her newly acquired spiritual powers incorporates that “Especial touch” that has always characterized a good Hollywood feature.
Finally, the introduction of Stephanie’s twins (SARAH and TONY) that will bring a perfect conclusion to the story leaving open a “back door” to PART II".

Plot keywords: twins Gods Godesses afterlife dendera , hathor , trial Egyptian book of the death

Notes: Visit my author's page at www.thetwinstrial.com Be my guess!


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