The King Of Madagsacar

country_of_origin: Poland
Uploaded: 31-03-2010
Length: 107 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: A story of a man who could fulfill his dreams and becomes the King of Madagascar. His life serves an example that everything can be possible and can happen if you show determination.

The life and exploits of Baron Maurice Benyowski, his humanist beliefs and his relationships with women, from his escape from the Kamchatka camp to his death on the island of Madagascar.

Synopsis: One night at the Kamchatka exile camp in Siberia, Maurice urges his companions to escape. They succeed and the scene moves to the palace of Versailles, where Maurice resides as a guest of King Louis XV, while his wife Ann leaves her home in Poland to join him at court. The Prince d’Aiguillon asks Maurice to undertake an expedition to Madagascar to strengthen France’s presence and dominion over the island. He sets off with Ann and his former companions in exile. Having reached the Isle of France, Maurice meets Governor de Ternay, who is sceptical about the expedition and abuses slaves, agrees to provide him with supplies, men (some of whom suffer from malaria and will probably take the disease to Madagascar) and a ship for Madagascar. The young Rasoa, whose sexual assault by the Governor has been witnessed by Maurice, escapes to the ship heading for Madagascar. Once on the island, they prepare to settle but are hit by tropical fever, which decimates the newcomers, including the newborn child of Maurice and Ann. Aware that Maurice does not share her feelings for him, Rasoa runs away from the camp, to the satisfaction of his jealous wife Ann.
The natives attempt to poison them but Maurice, instead of giving into his companions’ calls for revenge, offers them gifts. In the village, he comes across Rasoa who had returned to her family. She acts as an interpreter, which fosters dialogue and allows for a relationship with the tribes to form.
In Versailles, disparities between the letters from Maurice, which are very positive, and the correspondence from the Governor of the Isle of France, highly critical of Maurice and his achievements, alert the Minister for the Navy, who sends an emissary to assess the situation. Ann, unable to adapt to the harsh living conditions and saddened by the closeness of Maurice and Rasoa, decides to depart from the island. On the King’s orders, Maurice finally joins her in Versailles. He is awarded the Cross of Saint Louis, but an unfavourable report by Belacompe deprives him of the French resources he has enjoyed until then. Maurice withdraws from public life, embittered largely because of his failure to convey to others his message on slavery. Four years later we meet up with him again, this time in Poland with Ann and their family, which by now has grown; he is writing his memoirs, which he wishes to publish in order to resolve the family’s financial worries. In London, his friend Hiacynth announces that he has found a publisher for the memoirs, and tells him that he will help find backers in the United States for the next expedition to Madagascar.
The ship leaves Baltimore, without Ann or the children on board but with businessmen to whom Maurice has promised slaves and other goods in exchange for funding. Upon their arrival, Maurice reclaims control of the island, meets up with his former companions again and, before the assembled Malagasy tribes, he declares a new, independent monarchy. The tribal chiefs name him King and he weds Rasoa. Aida, one of the Kamchatka exiles and Maurice’s former mistress, cannot bear his lack of interest in her and travels to the Isle of France to meet Governor de Ternay, who has just learnt of the new monarchy. The Governor travels to Madagascar with soldiers and cannons, and Maurice dies during the attack. De Ternay frees all of the prisoners, places the Cross of Saint Louis back on Maurice’s corpse and leaves the island. Maurice is buried in great pomp at a traditional ceremony, attended by Rasoa, the assembled Malagasy tribes and Maurice’s loyal companions.

Plot keywords: , adventure , historical , love , obsession , historical drama

Notes: There is a Hungarian and Polish Coproducer interested in project. There is a place for third coproducer if it will be made as a coproduction.

If not sreenplay ia also ready to sell for another one producer.


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