Neon Nights

country_of_origin: Hungary
Uploaded: 06-04-2010
Length: 100 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: The story placed in an elementary school in the countryside in Hungary. The time is the middle of the 1980’s, the last years of socialism. The city is kept in fear by an unknown criminal, who kidnaps and kill children. Boys and girls are ordered to go home in pairs. Dani and Eszter fall in love during their walks home through the dark.

Synopsis: We are in the elementary school of a small country town in the middle of the 80’s. Everyone is talking about the feared Phantom who kidnapes and kills children. The headmaster orderes the students to go home in the dark streets in boy-and-girl couples. This situation gives our hero, the 12 year-old Dani, the opportunity to get closer to her love, Eszter.
Meanwhile, Dani and his friends are trying to get money by petty thefts.
Dani’s classmate - the lame and ostracized child called Klein - lives in bad circumstances with alcoholic parents. He is beaten at home every day. When he escapes - fearing the punishment after an incident -, Dani gives him his money acquired from the thefts.
Naturally everyone attributes Klein’s disappearance to the Phantom.
Dani who now knows the truth - that the Phantom does not exists at all - is caught in the act of stealing. He cannot give the money back because then he would reveal Klein’s secret. Policemen interrogates him but he cleverly slips out of the situation, twisting the story, and lying that Klein was really murdered.
Fear intesifies, the police investigates the unknown criminal with great efforts.
The school treats Dani as a criminal, only Eszter stands by him even after that Dani disappoints her, being coward to tell the truth to the cops and the teachers, that Klein escaped only because of his hopelessness.
The relationship of the two children has deepened during their walks home through the dark, and foggy city. At the end of the story, Eszter and her parents leave the country for a better living, the two children in love say goodbye forever.
A little bit further, the nuclear reactor explodes in Chernobil at this time and the death throes of the socialism begins.
Dani is expelled because of his sins and he has to finish his school at the Night School for adult Workers, but in his retribution he finds the real himself.

Plot keywords: , socialism


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