country_of_origin: Romania
Uploaded: 07-04-2010
Length: 80 pages
Status: screenplay



Logline: Article 16 in the Romanian Penal Code allows you to get your friend out of jail by catching somebody else instead. So Ileana, an innocent and dreamy young girl, has to enter a world she is not familiar with, a world of heroin addicts in the suburbs of Bucharest, trying to red-hand a drug dealer and set her boyfriend free.
This journey will forever change her perception of love and life.

Synopsis: In Romania, the article 16 of the Penal Code encourages a common practice among culprits accused of trafficking, who ask their families or pay a “rat” to set-up and catch another dealer for the police, in return of having their sentence reduced. So when Radu, a small- time weed dealer, is red-handed, Ileana, his girlfriend, an innocent and dreemy young girl, needs to find somebody else to red-hand.
However, as she’s an outsider to the drug world, that’s not something she can achieve by herself. Rama is an old acquaintance of Radu, to whom Radu sends Ileana to ask for help. But Rama doesn’t want to be a “rat” in order not to lose his relations in the neighbourhood and also because he’s afraid of the police. He only promises to introduce Ileana to a drug dealer, in return of a favour.
They have to buy a few times from the same dealer, in order to gain his trust. To be credible, Ileana has to consume heroin herself and has to pretend to be Rama’s girlfriend. Rama takes advantage of this opportunity by hitting on her. They buy a few times from Teteseanu, until he’s caught by the police. They have to find somebody else so they go to Racoarea, an ex-girlfriend of Rama, a dancer in a nightclub and mother of a one-year-old child. Rama had been in love with her, but she cheated on him with his best friend, while Rama was in prison. Ileana is surprised to notice that she is jealous on Racoarea.
Rama tells Ileana the favor she needs to make in return of his help: she needs to bring some hidden heroin bags to a convict in a prison from another town. Ileana panics because she could be arrested for trafficking. Rama, in order to teach her to control her fears, takes her in the sewages where he used to live as a child.
On the way back from prison, they make love. Rama doesn’t want to hand Racoarea over to the police anymore and tries to convince her to give up the whole plan and leave Radu in prison. He tells her he wants to give up heroin and be with her.
What is the decision Ileana takes? Will she still save Radu or will she choose Rama?

Plot keywords: love triangle , sacrifice , drugs


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