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Smoke Crack & Worship Satan

author: Brent Lonkey
A teenage schoolgirl zombie, a femme fatale drug dealer, a violent leg breaker who's lost his shadow and a satan worshiping indie rocker all deal with love and relationships.
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Albino Crows

author: Brent Lonkey
A small town deputy sheriff and his waitress girlfriend get their worlds turned upside down with the arrival of a leather clad, muscle car driving lunatic.
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rating: N/A!


author: Paul Tatham
Stephanie Sheppard, at 50, is an ambitious, workaholic, magazine editor working in the city of lights. She thinks she has it made when she gets the chance-of-a-lifetime promotion to New York, but when she meets Tom, a young sketch artist, her world is turned upside down.
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author: Lee Cordner
Daniel Porter, son of a multi-million dollar businessman and college student is about to embark on a perilous adventure of mystery and suspense. After finding a lottery ticket, Daniel, is visited by "The Crest" a ghostly figure of a widowed bride. He must "Find what he lost" in order to stop his impending fate at the hands of Cassie, who isn't at all what she first seems.
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The Ancient Guardians: The Ashal

author: Gina Romano
The Ancient Guardians is a futuristic tale in the vein of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia that combines science fiction and fantasy to create a magical world balancing the rules of both science and imagination.
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rating: 1.40

A Pleasure Forbidden

author: Agu Literati
A Pleasure Forbidden is about the entrapments of a young love that is intensely passionate in the beginning yet ends in disaster.
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author: nenad Mikalacki
Travelling experiences and multi-linguistic dialogs which happen on a initial journay of a young man from Eastern to Western Europe and back. His girl has left for a master course in Paris and he is going to visit her but he uses this rare opportunity to check on his friends scattered around “civilized part of Europe” The motiv is love but there are many other subjects involved: civilizations gaps, religion, homosexualism/heterosexualism, rasism, film, decadence, prejudeces, thruth and improvisation.... To return? As much as it was hard to get there, it is even harder to come back.
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Can't Mumbai Me Love

author: Andrew Abdou
Sujeet Shah, a stumblin' and bumblin' first-generation Indian-American, has his fortunes change for the better when he employs a campaign of lighthearted cultural deception in order to capture the weary heart of Lalita, a beautiful and intelligent Indian woman.
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rating: 3.60

Da Capo

author: Eirik Ildahl
A beautiful woman dies in a fire. Suicide, accident or murder? The story is told three times, through the eyes of the woman, her philandering husband, and her would-be lover. Each time new and unexpected layers of the truth are revealed.


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