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Smoke Crack & Worship Satan

author: Brent Lonkey
A teenage schoolgirl zombie, a femme fatale drug dealer, a violent leg breaker who's lost his shadow and a satan worshiping indie rocker all deal with love and relationships.
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rating: N/A!

She Loves You

author: Craig Martin
Jay is getting ready to go on a date with his new girlfriend Dany.
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rating: N/A!

The Ancient Guardians: The Ashal

author: Gina Romano
The Ancient Guardians is a futuristic tale in the vein of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia that combines science fiction and fantasy to create a magical world balancing the rules of both science and imagination.
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rating: 3.00

The King Of Madagsacar

A story of a man who could fulfill his dreams and becomes the King of Madagascar. His life serves an example that everything can be possible and can happen if you show determination. The life and exploits of Baron Maurice Benyowski, his humanist beliefs and his relationships with women, from his escape from the Kamchatka camp to his death on the island of Madagascar.
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rating: 2.40


A young man searches for the one responsible for sabotaging his life.
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rating: N/A!

Love Aaj Kal (1st Draft)

author: Syed Ibrahim
The script was written to make fun of the movie love aaj kal. I really wanted to show my hatred towards that movie.
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rating: N/A!

Soft revenge

author: Zoltán Albert
Can you take revenge on the murderer of your father? And what if that person is a policeman, if he is your sweatheart’s father, and if he is going to ruin you, too? And what if he hasn’t killed anyone?


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