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Premium Users can be producers, production companies, film funds and other film industry players.

In the Premium Section contains screenplays that in some form or another have proven their outstanding quality in concept and/or content. Scripts in this section are continually promoted to our Premium Users and other decision makers all across Europe using our extensive professional network in the hope of getting as many of these projects to producers as possible.

Getting your screenplay into the Premium Section can be achieved in two ways. If a screenplay is voted outstandingly good by the Scriptbase Community and gets to be among the first three highest rated scripts in our three monthly Best of list, it will automatically be invited into the Premium Section. Author(s) of the script in question may take advantage of this opportunity for free, but it is not compulsory.
If someone wants to get their screenplay into the Premium section without offering it up to the judgment of the community, another way is to use the Script Consulting option, and ordering any of the analyses getting professional feedback on the quality of the screenplay. If based on the analysis the total assessed point value of the screenplay is higher than 80%, the script gets into the Premium Section, if the author so wishes.

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