Jana Ondikova

Member since: 04-03-2009

Status: user

Country: Slovakia

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: documentary / children/family / animations / drama

Jana Ondiková was born in 1980 in Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia. During her studies of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy at Film and Television Faculty on the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava she worked as a festivals coordinator on the Foreign Department of the faculty.

At that time she presented Slovak student animation as a jury member at International Animation Film Festival Animateka (Dec. 14.-18, 2004) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2006 she graduated (Mgr.art.) with her feature script A more, later awarded by Tibor Vichta Prize and nominated for Hartley-Merill International Screenwriting Contest, USA in 2007. After completing her studies she is working as a freelancer in the field of marketing, PR and film industry. Since 2006 she has realised TV commercials for a non-government organisation EVS and still has worked on a developing of the stories of another filmmakers.

Through the work for ANASOFT APR she cooperates even on Anasoft litera, which is a new literary prize for the original Slovak fiction. Furthermore she is in a staff preparing the comics workshops M R A K and just running a publishing house Bdžabdžovce focused on indie art-books and comics.

Since 2002 she has published reviews on film, literature, comics, theatre and music in renowned Slovak news and portals. She works and lives mostly in Bratislava, but her permanent address is in a small village on the East of Slovakia called Kladzany. Her persistent desire is to plant out an almond-tree wood and make a marzipan there.

Mačka / Cat: short animation by Michaela Ošťádalová – storyediting, coloring, 2008 (in progress)

Štyri / Four: short animation by Ivana Šebestová - dialogues, 2008 (in progress)

Trvalé bydlisko: Kladzany / Permanent Address: Kladzany: documentary – script, directing, editing, producing, 2007

Príšera / Monster: short animation by Michaela Ošťádalová – storyediting, coloring, 2005



A more

A story about making decisions: between two men, two parents, two countries and whether to be or not to be a teacher at school full of Gipsy kids.


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