Arkadiusz Wojnarowski

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Country: Poland

Profession: producer

Favourite genres: drama / historical


Arkadiusz Piotr Wojnarowski was born in Wrocław , Poland in 1973.
In the years 1982-1990 he was acting as a child in many features and televisions films in Poland and Germany like

1982 “If we will find one another” Future Film , 90 min by Roman Zaluski
the role of Paul
1984-1985 “The Children from the Valley of Mills “ Short Film series(24x15 min) for children , by Roman Leski -Co-produced by Polish Televisions, West German Television . The role of Wacek .
1984-1986 “ Klemens and Klementynka “Short Film series (9x 15 min)) for children , by Roman Leski -Co-produced by Polish Televisions, West German Television . The role of Wacek .
1987-1989 “Jane “ ( Jana ) Short Film series (15 x 30 min)for teenagers , by Roman Leski - Co-produced by Polish Televisions POLTEL , WDR ( West German Televisions) . The role of Ignas .
“The Animals “ – Short Fiction Film ( 30 min) – the role of Tomek
“Before Will Brake The Silver Line “ – theatre on TV , role of Sasza
“Fall” the Future Film,90 min by Andrzej Rostawiecki the role of Tom.
1990 “ Alchemicus “ the Future Film , 90 min the role of Guido.

Arkadiusz graduated from the European University of Frankfurt (0) , Germany and University of Poznań , Poland in 1997 with a Lawyer degree and was during the studies awarded a German Foundation Scholarship.

After his graduating he returned to Poland to continue his postgraduate studies in Poland at The Polish National Film School in Lodz. He started to educate to be a film producer and scriptwriter. During his studies he worked as a freelance journalist for polish national television and wrote and directed the documentary :

1) “Egypt – under-water world, desert , commonplaceness and history“
( 25 min ) - story abort country , culture , dance and music trends , religions with under-water photographs

2)“The Polish Remains in Ukraine “ - story about polish influences in Ukraine especially in the matter of culture , architecture and religion ( in postproduction)

3)“The Religions of Eastern Europe “ documentary about various religions in Eastern Europe especially about orthodox church and Greek-catholic church. ( in postproduction)

In 2004 he directed short “Travels with the fish“ based on the Umberto Eco novel.

Between september 2003 and august 2004 he attended various professional trainings in film production with his own feature film project “ The King of Madagascar”

2004 Management & Legal Aspects of Production Companies, Greece
2004 European Films Crossing Borders , Berlin , Germany
2003 Discovery Campus , Leipzig , Germany
2003 European Co-production Legal & Financial Aspects ,Millrace, Spain
The Business of Negotiating in film production ,Crete , Greece

In 2004 he graduated and got the European Certificate in Audiovisual Financing and Commercialization ( ECAFIC ) course organized in Paris by the French National Audiovisual Institute and Paris 1 Sorbonne University

In 2006 he graduated The Polish National Film School in Lodz with diploma “ The European Film Coproduction”

In 2006 he started to develop his first feature script “ The King of Madagascar”
And started to prepare the co-production of this feature. In 2006 he got the financing of the script “The King of Madagascar” from The Polish Film Institut.

In 2007 he developed the script “ The King of Madagascar” and graduated the Film Buisness School in Sophia.



The King Of Madagsacar

A story of a man who could fulfill his dreams and becomes the King of Madagascar. His life serves an example that everything can be possible and can happen if you show determination. The life and exploits of Baron Maurice Benyowski, his humanist beliefs and his relationships with women, from his escape from the Kamchatka camp to his death on the island of Madagascar.


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