Monika Mostowik

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Country: Poland

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: thriller / drama

Monika Mostowik

Born on 1975, lives, works and dances flamenco in Cracow.

writer, she was a stipendiary of the Cracow city in domain of literature (2003), author of short stories: “so pretty” (2004, Portret) “Acrobats” (Proszynski & S-ka, 2006), “Histories of May” (Proszynski & S-ka, 2008) and novel “Qualm” (Proszynski & S-ka, 2007).

screenwriter (State Film Highschool in Łódź, Scene Insiders Workshop, Screenwriting Laboratory), grant holder of Screenplay Fund of Polish Filmmakers’ Association and TVP S.A. (2004) for script “Birthday” and Polish Film Institut (2007) for script “Headache” under artistic supervision of Robert Gliński, prizewinner in the contest for the short film: City Art Center – Gorzów Wielkopolski 2004 for the script “Home”.

sociologist, co-author of book "Frustration – Brave New World by young people". laureate of contemporary story contest IKA Winda Gdańsk 2002, contest for the prize of K.K. Baczyński in the category of prose in Łódź, and the contest for the Short Stories VI Lubin Literary Meeting 2004, in category of essay and commentary 2004. author of two books of poems, laureate of over 20 nationwide poetical contests.

She was published in the most of literature magazines in Poland: "Kursywa", "Arytmia", "Pracownia" , "Ha!art", "Undergrunt", "Kultura", "Kartki", "Czas Kultury", "Studium", "BregArt", "Portret", "Kresy", "Topos", "Megalopolis", "Artpapier", „rita baum” , “Fa-art”, „Fraza”.

from Robert Glinski (on request)




The screenplay is based on the short story already published in my book of short stories "Acrobats". Please find this story below:

By Heart

After car accident Joanna wakes up as an another person – Patrycja - she takes a place of another woman and it looks like she was her from the very beginning. Joanna behaves like she loves Piotr (Patricias partner) and she is with him. Piotr tries to solve the puzzle, find out her intentions, he looks for the truth and tries to decide about his life no matter that everybody gave up on him.


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