Eirik Ildahl

Member since: 19-03-2009

Status: user

Country: Norway

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: comedy / crime / drama / thriller

Eirik is a versatile writer who has worked in many genres and formats, including radio shows, TV drama, journalism, comic books and prose fiction. His produced feature film screenplays include "Blackout" (1986), "Head Above Water" (1993) - which was remade for an American audience in 1996 with Cameron Diaz, Harvey Keitel a.o, and "Andreaskorset" aka "The Crossing" (2004).

Please feel free to check me out at www.imdb.com and www.dramatiker.no.



Da Capo

A beautiful woman dies in a fire. Suicide, accident or murder? The story is told three times, through the eyes of the woman, her philandering husband, and her would-be lover. Each time new and unexpected layers of the truth are revealed.


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