Baris Azman

Member since: 20-05-2009

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Country: Netherlands

Profession: director

Favourite genres: crime / drama / thriller

Writer/Director Baris Azman was born in The Netherlands in 1979 from Turkish parents.

He graduated at the St. Joost Arts Academy in Breda in 2003 with his short film EFENDI (English translation: Mister), which premiered at the Dutch Film Festival and went on to play several film festivals. His film IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET (2005) won the special Jury Prize at the Dutch NPS short film competition of 2005 and played at the VERSIONFEST 06 film festival in Chicago.

Aside from still making short films of his own, he has worked as a screenwriter on the film BELHUIS (PHONEHOUSE) for production company PICOS DE EUROPA, located in Rotterdam. He has also collaborated with director Harrie Verbeek on his first feature screenplay ALTER EGO, which was awarded a grant by the Dutch FILM FONDS and participated in the BINGER FILMLAB.

Consequently, he was asked by production company IDEE-FIXE in Breda, The Netherlands, to make a series of short films for a local television channel. These were made in exchange for use of film equipment and editing facilities. Part-time he has written for the international magazine YDN (Young Designers Network), where he wrote articles on films and conducted interviews with filmmakers on festivals (e.g. International Film Festival Rotterdam).

In 2008 his screenplay HARDWARE STORE was selected as the best Dutch screenplay, by NISI MASA NL/MeccaPANZA. Together with this screenplay he was asked to participate at the 2009 SCRIPT & PITCH workshop of NISI MASA, which was held at the Moulin D’Ande in France. The finished product was presented to producers at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival.

He is currently working on his first feature film; THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. Which was awarded financing by the Province of Brabant, The Netherlands for script development and was selected for MakersVoorMakers (MakersForMakers), am initiative of the BINGER FILMLAB and the Dutch Film Festival.


* Guest screenwriting teacher at AKV / St. Joost, Breda 2009

* Screenwriting workshop teacher at the International Film Festival Breda 2009

* THE MAN WHO GOT LOST (feature film - writing stage)
Selected for “MakersVoorMakers”/"MakersForMakers" 2008

* HARDWARE STORE (short screenplay)
Dutch winner NISI MASA screenplay competition 2007

Participant SCRIPT & PITCH WORKSHOP at Moulin D’Ande/Clermont Ferrand Film Festival 2008

* IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET (2005) NPS Short Film Jury Prize 2005

* ALTER EGO Dutch FilmFund Treatment development, on the basis o co-writing 2004


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