Kata Radványi

Member since: 30-06-2009

Status: user

Country: Hungary

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: romance / drama / documentary / comedy / children/family / animations

I am Kata Radványi, I was born in Budapest on 3 December 1965. As for my upbringing I am a simple but honest, deep believer person, my work reflects my adoration of nature and philanthropy inherited from my mother.
I went to a school of flower arrangement and finished it in 1983. Much later I passed the final exam in 2002 as well. I have a little daughter who is 20 now and mentally disabled since birth. In spite of this fact she is good with her hands, she paints glass paintings and deals with serviette technique, too. I also had the idea by this to start writing the script of a lovely cartoon for children.

I am a member of ’Cserhát Artist Community’ so some of my writings were published there as well. My fine lyric poems were published in the journal ’Délibáb’. I inherited storytelling from my father, who, being a native ’Óbuda’ citizen is an inexhaustible source of stories, which inspired me to write the short story ’The Óbuda of my Childhood’.
At present I am working on a book. Later I started painting, to tell the truth I am a creative and amateur painter, I have never learned to paint or draw, yet I have had exhibitions, too. I have also taken part in several shootings as an extra.



The Magic of the Diamond Ring

In England, there lived a little girl with his father and mother, who had been fatally ill, and before she died gave the little girl a ring, which glistened like a diamond…. The fabulous island, the beauty of the landscape tempt us to an exciting adventure. This cartoon fairy tale is not only for children, but adults can also enjoy the lot of nice experiences…


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