Koen Vermeiren

Member since: 15-08-2009

Status: user

Country: Belgium

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: thriller / historical / drama / crime / comedy

-°18 december 1953, Antwerp, Belgium
-Diploma: Ph D Literature & Philosophy (University of Antwerp, 1984) with a dissertation on the fiction by Willem Frederik Hermans and the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Teaching experience

-For ten years: Lecturer Writing Techniques and Prose at the Acadamy of Writing (Antwerp).

Published novels and short stories

-De kus van Selena (short story, DAP-Reinaert, Leuven 1983);
-De vrolijke eenzaamheid (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen, 1988);
-Bij nacht en ontij (story)(Manteau, Antwerpen, 1988);
-Schaduwen (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen/Amsterdam, 1991) (Awarded with the August Beernaert Reward 1990-1991 by the Royal Acadamy for Dutch Language and Literature);
-Dood spoor (short story, Manteau, Antwerpen/Amsterdam, 1993);
-De gek op de heuvel (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen/Amsterdam, 1993, was made into a tv-film in 2006);
-Het elfde gebod (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen/Amsterdam, 1995);
-Pat (novel, Davidsfonds Literair, Leuven, 2003).
- De Blik (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen, 2011)
- Dode Hoek (novel, Manteau, Antwerpen, 2012)

Published articles and essays

-About 400 articles and essays on modern literature, published in magazines and newspapers;
-Willem Frederik Hermans en Ludwig Wittgenstein (Essay in book), H&S, Utrecht, 1986;
-Willy Spillebeen (monography), Vereniging West-Vlaamse Schrijvers, Torhout, 1988;
-De strikken van het woordenweb, in: Verboden Toegang. Essays about the literary work of Willem Frederik Hermans, De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam, 1989;
-De Spiegel van Narcissus (study about the Characters of W.F. Hermans), Kreatief-themanummer, Wevelgem, 2000.


-Geheimen uit de biechtstoel (radio play, 1987);
-De droomexpres (play, 1991. Awarded with the Visser-Neerlandiaprijs 1990 from the Algemeen Nederlands Verbond);
-Luchtkastelen (play, 1993);
-Herr Ludwig (play, 1995. Awarded with the Nestor de Tièreprijs '94-'95 by the Royal Acadamy for Dutch Language and Literature;
-De Gek op de Heuvel (play, 1999, based on my own novel).

Television- and Filmscripts

-Since 1990 I am a professional screenwriter.

-About 70 scripts for all kinds of sitcoms (FC De Kampioenen, De Burgemeesters, Verschoten & Zoon…)
-Hof van Assisen (Law Court Drama);
-Gilliams & De Bie (crimi, own concept, 16 episodes, 50’ each);
-Awarded with the ASLK Public’s Trophee voor TV-Scripts 1996;
-Co-scriptwriter for the VRT-crimi WITSE (series 2, 3, 4, 5);
-Feature Film for television: The Fool on the Hill (adaptation of my own novel);
-Co-scriptwriter for the series 4 and 5 from Zone Stad (crimi).


-Several own compositions.

Published CD’s
-Demogorgon (label JazzHalo);
-Dialogue (Kay Records):
-Paintings (Kay Records):
-Sculptures (Kay Records);
-Landscape with Pigeon (Kay Records):
-Step by Step (Kay Records).

Worked several years for the National Belgian Television and with known Production Houses (Menuet, D&D, Studio A...).



Mea Culpa

Lies can make life and living together a lot easier… untill they are exposed.

The Evening Land

The essential question Ludwig Wittgenstein was struggling with, was: 'How can one lead a sincere and honest life, in an insecure and hostile world?' The answer can be found in his philosophical work, but also in his fascinating life, which this film is all about.

Koen Vermeiren

Leugens maken het samenleven makkelijker… tot ze worden ontmaskerd. En hoe verwerk je de zelfmoord van je eigen kind?


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