Pervolovici Eva

Member since: 01-04-2010

Status: user

Country: Romania

Profession: director

Favourite genres: documentary / drama

Eva is a young Romanian film director, recently having completed her MFA Advance Film Practice in Edinburgh.
Her short films have been screened at festivals around the world and won several prizes. “Down the Rabbit Hole”, a 35 mm graduation fiction short, was screened in London, Edinburgh, Milano, Strasbourg, Singapore etc.
My Undone School Film (2007), a 16 mm fiction short, won the best Experimental Film at Hyperion Film Festival in Romania and screened at Milwaukee Short Film Festival, USA. Amelia, a black and white 35mm short, won the photography prize and the Special Jury Prize the Early Bird Students’ Film Festival, Bulgaria.
In 2009 she took part in Berlin and in Sarajevo Talent Campus, and in 2010 she won a grant from Berlin Today Award to direct a short film in the summer of 2010.
She currently develops with Strada film a feature film project, “Ileana” written during an “artists in residence” in Paris.




Article 16 in the Romanian Penal Code allows you to get your friend out of jail by catching somebody else instead. So Ileana, an innocent and dreamy young girl, has to enter a world she is not familiar with, a world of heroin addicts in the suburbs of Bucharest, trying to red-hand a drug dealer and set her boyfriend free. This journey will forever change her perception of love and life.


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