nenad Mikalacki

Member since: 06-04-2010

Status: premium user

Country: Yugoslavia

Profession: director

Favourite genres: action/adventure / animations / children/family / crime / documentary / drama / historical / romance / thriller

- “Even lower”, fiction (1998, 16 mm W/B, 6 min.
Position: screenwriter, director
- “Baba”, documentary (1998, Beta, 9 min.
Position: screenwriter, director, producer
“ I’m changing my student notebook for passport & visa”, documentary (1999, Beta,10 min.) (festivals:CineMaIubit;Bucharest,Romania, Hochenschule
festival;Munich;Germany; JFJF;Subotica;Yugoslavia…)
Position: screenwriter, director, producer
“ Mr Mr”, fiction (2000, 35 mm W/B, 11 min.)

festivals: “no comment award at
JFJF;Subotica;Yugoslavia 2000; festivals:
CinemaJove;Valencia,Spain, Mediavawe;Gyior,Hungary,
Dreamcatcher;Kiev;Ukraina, DaKino festival;Bucharest;Romania…)
Position: screenwriter, director, producer
-“ Kol “ –fiction (2001, 35 mm Color, 8 min.)
festivals:Hochenschule festival;Munich, Cinemaiubit Bucharest, daKino……
Position: screenwriter, director
- “ Vrdnik-the art of living”; adven-touristic documentary (2003, DV;21min.)
Festivals :special prize at Mefest 2003.) adven-touristic documentary, production:
tourist organization of Vojvodina & Terra film;
festival of short and documentary film2004, Belgrade, Serbia,
TOURFILM2004, Check Republic…
Position: screenwriter, producer and director
- “Vojvodina by Danube”;adven-touristic documentary, (2003, DV;10min.)
production- tourist organization of vojvodina kinoklub novi sad
Festivals:prize at Document.Art festival,Romania 2004.)
Position: screenwriter, producer and director

- “ Inquore”;fiction-workshop film, (2004, DV; 6 min.) production:kinoklub novi
sad&freeka festival
festivals:prize for experimental film at Sajeta 2005, Tolmin, Slovenia)
position: screenwriter, director
-“ Roots and flowers stage”, music documentary (2005, DV, 7 min.)
production: Global Village People and Exit festival
position: executive producer and director
screened at: local, regional, national and international televisions
-“ Roots and flowers stage II”, music documentary (2006, DV, 16 min.)
production: Global Village People and Exit festival
screened at: local, regional, national and international televisions
position: executive producer and director

- “ The last Swan lake”, fiction (2006, 35mm, 10 min. 30 sec.)
production: and Druid films
festivals: Montpellier – International Mediterranean Film Festival, Balkan
Black Box Festival - Berlin, Film front Festival - Novi Sad; Balkan music&art
festival, Rotterdam, Festival de Huesca, Busho-Budapest, Motovun film
festival-Croatia, Festival de cinema pobre Habana-Cuba, Cinema city Serbia...
position: screenwriter, executive producer and director

-“Which country is this?”adventouruistic documentary (2007, 6 min; DVCAM)
production: Tourist organization of Vojvodina and Druid films
Position:screenwriter, producer, director

- “Living with nature” (“Živeti sa prirodom”) (2007, 23 min; DVCAM)
production: WWF and Druid group
Position:producer, music score

-“Birds’ yard” (“Tičije polje”) (2007, 6min, DVCAM)
production: Studio Svetozar and Druid group
Position:producer, music score

- “Water=Life” documentary (2009, 32 min; DVCAM)
Supported and financed by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic
of Serbia and Gmbh HAFI and several sponsors
Prized at Sila fest 2009, Document art festival 2009, Romania..
Position:producer, music score

-”At home”, fiction (2010,35mm, 20 min.)
Production: Via Distelberg, Druid, Bayerishe Rundfunk, Target films
position: co-writer, co-producer and director




Travelling experiences and multi-linguistic dialogs which happen on a initial journay of a young man from Eastern to Western Europe and back. His girl has left for a master course in Paris and he is going to visit her but he uses this rare opportunity to check on his friends scattered around “civilized part of Europe” The motiv is love but there are many other subjects involved: civilizations gaps, religion, homosexualism/heterosexualism, rasism, film, decadence, prejudeces, thruth and improvisation.... To return? As much as it was hard to get there, it is even harder to come back.


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