alexander hay

Member since: 05-01-2011

Status: user

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: comedy / drama / thriller

Alex N. Hay Resume;- written filmwork to date. Jan. 2011

Film Credits;
Writer/Co-producer..COMING IN FROM THE COLD - (25min. Premiere screening May 1997,Cameo cinema, Edin.)

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor..ANGST - 30min. Super 8 film
(Hons. award. Trent University, Nottingham. 1979)

Feature-length scripts.

SOME CANDY TALKIN’ - - - Comedy/buddy movie. (pan-European).f/good.

DOPPELGANGER - - - - - - - - Black comedy thriller. Dramatic irony end.

XPOSURE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Conspiracy thriller - highlands location(film verit’e)

UP THE HILL BACKWARDS - Comedy conspiracy thriller - set in Glasgow.

PLAY WITH FIRE - - - - - - - - - -Sixties Glasgow gang - rites-de-passage comedy.

(Outlines of features; - I-E-D: Love interrupted by the FBI and Iraqi terror.
CAFE SOCIETY; Re-union of ‘60’s cafe-ites. com/drama.
RUNAWAY; thriller/love story.
DOPE; Social realist tale of lives wrecked by bad law.

Shorts;......(Scripts) Length.

ON CAMERA:- Subject becomes captured- on film. 5min.
NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL..:- A musical row with neighbours. 5min
TOP HAT AND TAILS:- Avant-garde, silent. 5min.
SICKO’S:- A modern morality tale. 5min
MAN in the TUNNEL:- Existential fantasy,…or is it? 5min
LET THERE BE LOVE;- Anti-slick advert-style narrative. 5min.
JUNK-e-mail;- Experimental, silent, technology/drugs. 5min.
THE WRAP;- Experimental/ improvisation. 10min.
FRAME ROLL;- Comedy drama - depicting history of film. 10min.
IT COULD BE YOU;- Narrative - equating aids with lottery. 10min
SWEET & SOUR;- Hitchcock-style thriller. 20min.
THE MOVE;- Urban social drama - aids theme. 25min.

THE MOVIES OF CHANGE- Personal look at cinema and social change (wrds.)
since WWII - McCarthy/Mondo & Snuff. 20,000

IF HOLLYWOOD WEREN'T Personal criticism of Scottish film culture. 2,000
Alex N. Hay..........MSc. (Film & Television Production).B.A (Hons) Humanities




When murder gets real- fiction takes over! A writer of a seedy private-eye t.v. series- (plagued by the appearance of his main fictional creation(only he can see/hear him)- becomes the leading suspect in a multiple murder with his fictional character his only alibi.

some candy talkin'

Nothing comes between friends..except danger! A film editor spots a face in a foreign crowd- a missing friend who left on the run after ripping everyone off. A reward to locate the friend– then kill him - results in a re-bonding, redemption and a change of destiny.


Fact- or fiction? A film-director battles against an elite security killing force to expose scientific interference in the food-chain- on his own terms- film!


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