Lee Cordner

Member since: 23-04-2011

Status: user

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: thriller / horror / fantasy / crime / children/family / action/adventure

I'm an aspiring screen writer who wants to make it into the film business. I've written a few plays during my schooling years, and a couple of low-budget community films that gather dust on my shelf in dvd format.

All of my screenplays are copyrighted material through my agent.



Orion and the Sword of Kings

The journey of a young prince, who must discover his destiny in order to rid the world of an ancient curse that threatens all life. Includes mythical creatures such as Centaurs, Minotaur's, Gryphons, Dwarves and Elves along with the Elementals, a race of empowered immortals.

Resident Evil: Begins

Based on the hit 1996 videogame by Capcom, the story of Resident Evil is told through the eyes of Jill Valentine and her time in the mansion, during the first encounter with the deadly T-Virus *No Camera work*

Resident Evil 2

This is the sequel to Resident Evil Begins, based off of the events of Resident Evil 2. The script isn't yet sold, though I'm getting much closer to selling my screenplays, if anyone is interested please contact me via leecordner@live.co.uk for more information.


Daniel Porter, son of a multi-million dollar businessman and college student is about to embark on a perilous adventure of mystery and suspense. After finding a lottery ticket, Daniel, is visited by "The Crest" a ghostly figure of a widowed bride. He must "Find what he lost" in order to stop his impending fate at the hands of Cassie, who isn't at all what she first seems.

Hostile: Apocalypse

In the near future. Catastrophic events destroy the globe and a wasteland is born from the ashes. Alex is a wanderer. Seeking redemption to find what remains of mankind. But in the chaos that was brought upon the world on 21/12/12 Alex not only has to deal with being the last human, but he has to trust a stranger to help him battle his way across a new empire. The Trepka empire. A galactic race of aliens who have brought havoc upon the world. They can't be shot, they can't be stabbed. They can't be killed.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Based off of the hit 2007 videogame of the same name. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune pits Nathan Drake against a group of merciless fortune seekers on an uncharted island. Fearsome creatures lurk. Deadly car and boat chases. Breathtaking action sequences. Suspense. Thrills and spills await in this epic action/adventure fantasy.

The Terminator

A reboot of the classic 1984 movie helmed by James Cameron. Intended for Justin Lin's version.

Resident Evil

Horror lurks around every corner.

Transformers: Rise of the Primes

The end arrives as Optimus Prime uncovers his ancestor, Rodimus Prime.


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