Gábor Krigler

Member since: 05-02-2009

Status: user

Country: Hungary

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: action/adventure

Story editor, scriptwriter. He began his career in 1999 as storyliner on Grundy daily drama series Between Friends. From 2002 he was managing the daily creative work of the story department as story editor. During his four years on the show he worked on more than a thousand episodes, while participating in several training courses and studying from the best in the TV drama and movie business. (Jimmy McGovern, Robert McKee, Frank South, Linda Seger, Jeff Rush among others.) From 2003 on he was working as a freelancer script reader, analyst, script doctor and story editor, until he joined FadeIn. His book – the first ever practical guide to screenwriting in Hungarian – (to be continued) – How to write for television was published in 2004. He teaches screenwriting as guest teacher on the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film. Gabor is also co-founder and teacher of the Filmhu Screenwriting School. Currently he’s working on several commissioned projects, while writing his second book on screenwriting with the rest of the Fade In creative team.



One of These Days

Every action has a consequence. One of These Days is a tightly plotted, riveting tale of guilt and punishment with a unique structure and a shocking twist.

Like There's No Tomorrow

Every generation has its own definitive story. Like There’s No Tomorrow is the story of the insomniac yuppie generation of Budapest of the early 21st century, driven by greed and characterized by an immense longing for love and acceptance.


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