Bálint Hegedus

Member since: 05-02-2009

Status: user

Country: Hungary

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: action/adventure

Screenwriter, story editor. He began his career as assistant DOP, working on several shorts and commercials. In 1997 his screenplay A Different Match made it to the top 5 in the Sundance competition. From 1997 for two years he was working on the development of the Grundy daily drama serial Between Friends. He participated in the creation of the first 100 episodes as storyliner and scriptwriter. His stage play Showtime won a drama competition of the Hungarian Public Radio. The screenplay adapted from the same material won the national round of the Hartley-Merill International Screenwriting Contest and made it to the Cannes Film Festival. He was a script supervisor and teleplay writer on cop show Police Story, as well as staff writer on children shows Finally It's Summer and Auntie Lavender's Tales. His latest script Fluke is currently in pre-production, to be made in a Hungarian-French-German co-production later this year.




No business, like show business! If you want to stay alive, sometimes you have to die… in live.


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