Anikó Dunaveczky

Member since: 05-02-2009

Status: user

Country: Hungary

Profession: screenwriter

Favourite genres: action/adventure

1987: GNM Privet Dramatic School – Budapest

1988 – 2009: Actress, theater and film assistant director, script supervisor, casting director,
editor, writer, director in films, and on the stage;
and a lot of programs in festival’s like coordinator.
Total: 57 film production from Hungary and a world.

1997-1998: assistant of teacher in Hungaryan Theather and Film Academy

references (szakmai tapasztalat, korábbi munkák):

1996: „History of the Hungaryan costume and dance” – performance in Wiena
Like: idea, writer and director

1999: „One cross day” – short movie / nominated for Oscar
Like: director assistant (1AD) and casting director

2003: „Guard’s of night” – music clip / victory of category in First Hungaryan DOP
Like: idea, writer and director



Torda - Legend of the Black Warrior

In a time when faith was stronger than sword… In a place where people wanted peace… A new myth was born.


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